Sunday, January 06, 2008

How to: Create an evening look in minutes

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Joe Bai said...

This is a really gorgeous style but i refuse to do it because teasing is not good for your hair. it causes breakage.teasing is just basically knotting your hair up. Teasing can be bad for your hair,before you do a hairdo make sure you give your hair a few spritzes of leave in conditioner. Not a lot or it will be limp and greasy. Let it dry then style. Leave in conditioner will give your hair some flexibility and will cut down on breakage. If you notice he isn't really crazy teasing anyway, he just lightly teases the hair not ripping or pulling. Adding hairspray cuts down on the amount you have to tease. This hairstyle is safe to do on hair as long as you properly take care of your hair roots.

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